Our bag makes our essence!
Even if it costs our salary for half a year, the anxiety and insatiable desire for possession that we sometimes experience on the ladies' bags is an incentive for each of us. Let's look at the reasons why we feel like we can not find peace until we have the desired model.
1. The bag creates an image of prestige.
We all feel great when we enter our office one day, the company proudly picks up the bag with an expensive signature of an original brand. Our colleagues recognize the accessories directly and look at us with admiration.
There are a lot of women who have just begun to earn enough and buying a dear and deluxe bag is their demonstration of strength. This is a typical male habit, as men love to buy expensive items and cars as a demonstration of prosperity and financial well-being.
By the same token, the ladies' bag is also an allegory of economic domination in the difficult and dynamic labor market. The bigger the model, the better. So he seems to call: I'm more successful, richer and more stylish!
At present, in every business sector, working women wear a precious ladies handbag with the same pride and the younger ones demystify the idea and impress with bohemian choices to distinguish themselves.
Their skills and knowledge that are closer to labor market demands make them anyway, even if they only have backpacks ...
2. Filling of emotional gaps. "I do not have a personal life but my bag compensates for all my troubles!" Unfortunately, many bag shopping is related to cases of depression and emotional imbalance in a woman's life. In fact, the bigger the gap, the deeper the bag in our hands!
Shopping has always been a good consolation in the bad days. Call it a shopping therapy, a shopping mania, or just the desire to pamper yourself by treating the seller as if you are possessing treasured riches when you pay for a bag that costs as much as your salary in a few months.
It turns out, however, that the satisfaction of such shopping is temporary and can not free us from the real reasons for our dissatisfaction. Let's face it. Happiness is not our bag!
3. Identification with celebrities. For these ladies the rule applies: "I do not have a personal life, and so I follow the lives of others." Sad, but true! At first it starts painlessly. Some well-known show-business women are really ambassadors of good taste and style.
But Instagram and the social media are constantly showing us star shots with all kinds of luxury accessories designed to convince us that we need to copy the same way of life.
They make us think we may not be Victoria Beckham nor have her body and husband, but we can have the same bag like her! Fashion designers of accessories know the imitation trend well and invest in it.
Let's realize that every picture of a woman with a branded bag is an advertising product and does not even reflect her personal taste. Perhaps the only thing these women would dream of is to be an anonymous, simple and practical bag to make them fun, not to be product-oriented by the companies that fund them.
Last but not least, even if we have the same bag of a person, we will never have her glory and her star life ... Every woman is unique - and we are no exception!